Polska Misja Katolicka

      The Archives contain information about people banished from Poland during the Second World War the so called displaced persons who remained in Germany after the war. In the years 1945 – 1950, the number of polish people living in Germany gradually diminished as some returned to Poland and others emigrated to different countries. As a consequence the camps were liquidated. Polish priests carring out pastoral care in those camps sent documents about religious events to the Ordinariate of the Ministry of Poles in Frankfurt, later on to the Polish Chaplaincy in Germany (Delegatur der DBK für die polnischsprachige Seelsorge in Deutschland).

The Archives that are momentarily based in Hanover, inclose documents of christenings, marriages, funerals, conversions, I. Holy Communions and Confirmations. These documents are dated from 1945 from the German territory of the American, British and French occupation Zones as well as Salzburg and Alsace, whereas documents from the Russian occupation Zone are missing.

With the kind financial support of the German Conference of Bishops, the benevolence of the Job Centre Hanover, and under the professional care of Doctor Thomas Scharf-Wrede from the Archives of the diocese Hildesheim extensive preservation of our Archives was accomplished in the years 2006 – 2013.

From the 1st of September 2013 the Polish Chaplaincy in Germany provides an online list of people with polish origin, who were killed during or died through the consequences of the Second World War in the years 1945 – 1949 and were buried on German territory. Information about the graves, that no longer exist, is also available in the Archives. Certainly, the list does not include the entire personal loss and harm occurred, but it may serve as explanation and completion of data. Furthermore, many families are still searching for their relatives whom they have lost due to the cruelty of the Second World War.

The main information source is the International Tracing Service:

Internationaler Suchdienst
Große Allee 5-9
34444 Bad Arolsen

The Archives are accessible to the public in accordance with „Anordnung über den kirchlichen Datenschutz“ (“The Orders about the Catholic Data Protection”) and „Anordnung über die Sicherung und Nutzung der Archive der katholischen Kirche in Deutschland“ (“The Orders of Safeguard and Usage of the Archives of the Catholic Church in Germany”).

A personal inspection of the documents is not possible. Information can be obtained through a written request.


Questionnaire A enables us to check whether the person sought for is on our list. In that case detailed information can be obtained by filling out a further form. For this procedure we charge a fee. Please see form B for details.